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Elderly woman builds house with bare hands, gets injured in touching video



Elderly woman builds house with bare hands, gets injured in touching video
  • A video of an elderly South African woman building a house for her family with her bare hands has gone viral
  • The footage showed how she injured her hand while working on the project and it has since become infected
  • Netizens expressed concern about her condition and responded with helpful advice on how to assist the old woman

A video of an elderly South African woman attempting to build a house using her own bare hands has tugged at the hearts of many people.

Elderly woman, house, bare handsA gogo broke her arm while attempting to build a house for her loved ones. Image: @asanda_xola/TikTokSource: UGC

Building a house is a feat because it is a complex and challenging undertaking that requires a lot of work and physical labour.

This includes things like digging foundations, lifting materials, and operating heavy machinery. It can be dangerous work, and there is always the risk of accidents.

TikTok video shows elderly woman building house with much effort

In the footage posted on TikTok by @asanda_xola the hardworking woman is seen making bricks from scratch and mixing the cement using a spade as she put in all her effort to build a house for her family.

The footage goes on to show the woman’s injured hands as she hurt herself and broke her hand while working on the building project.

According to the post’s caption, the woman’s hand has since become infected. @asanda_xola reached out to netizens for assistance in improving the elderly lady’s dire condition and circumstances.

Watch the video below:

South Africans’ hearts sore about elderly woman’s injury

@asanda_xola indicated that the gogo’s injury and infected hand could be due to jealous neighbours and dark magic.

Concerned netizens responded to the post with comforting words and helpful advice.

Zelda asked:

“Hawu kanti abantu banjani?”

simangele532 responded:

“Jehovah ngeke avume ngomama luzovela usizo.”

Mumsy Mabaso

“Phephisa sisi thola tempeli lakwaShembe bazomsiza.”

Lukhanyo Qobosha said:

“I pray in Jesus name , she receives healing instantly iswabuluke yonke lonto. eGameni Lika Yesu krestu wase Nazarethe.”

sbesihlemakandond commented:

“Kodwa Jehova, asikho ndawo emhlabeni, muntu ufela amandla akhe.”

Nigerian lady celebrates building house

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a Nigerian lady had celebrated constructing her own house.

The lady (@taiyeesefavourposed) stood in front of the building after it had been painted. To show people that she is indeed the owner of the property, she shared a photo of the signed land document in her name.

Though the compound of the building had not been floored, the property looked amazing. People were inspired by her success.


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