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É “inadmissível” desobedecer ao STF, diz Rosa Weber



É “inadmissível” desobedecer ao STF, diz Rosa Weber

The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber, said that the Judiciary has a “fundamental importance” in preventing “authoritarian impulses” that could encourage non-compliance with orders and court decisions.

For the judge, the moment is full of challenges and the performance of the Judiciary is of paramount importance.

The magistrate’s speech took place during the opening of the 16th National Meeting of the Judiciary, held by the National Council of Justice at the headquarters of the Superior Electoral Court.

“Hence the fundamental importance of the Judiciary, in its inalienable condition of guardian par excellence of the integrity of constitutional supremacy, the intangibility of the democratic order and the guarantee of essential freedoms of citizens, in legitimate response to authoritarian impulses that may insinuate or encourage non-compliance of orders and judicial decisions”, he declared.

The minister says that in a society governed by the “democratic principle” it is “inadmissible” that a court order is not complied with.“I emphasize that it is completely unacceptable, in a society governed by the democratic principle and the indeclinable duty of obedience to the fundamental law of the country, the non-compliance with judicial decisions”

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