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E be like dream: Nigerian boy surprised as oyinbo professor takes him out for lunch



A student, Babatunde Ibukun, was shocked to the bones after a foreign professor asked him and his colleagues out for lunch.

Babatunde said it came as a surprise to him since he grew up in Nigeria and never expected such a gesture from a professor.

“Am I dreaming? I had lunch with my professor. It still feels weird! Nigeria has damaged me. He was the one to make the gesture if he can have lunch with us, I mean, and we were discussing. I mean? It’s hard to believe. This is the real culture shock”, Babatunde tweeted.

Reactions as man goes for lunch with his professor

Big Propeller said:

“Lmao baba said Nigeria has damaged him. Sir, my Prof took all of us (his project students) for lunch. In fact, we went in his car. Also, there’s a lot of chilled Profs; I even lived with one. In case yo asking, it’s OAU. So, that you didn’t exp it doesn’t mean it’s a Naija thing.”

Edet Antigha wrote:

“No, Nigeria didn’t. I bantered and still banter with my lecturers, especially during political seasons. Perhaps your undergraduate lecturers weren’t friendly. Don’t impose your reality on all Nigerian students. Success in your postgraduate studies.”

Abbey said:

“You could have tell your story without disparaging Nigeria that gave you free to nothing education but like Omo Ale that you are, u just have to. D damage Nigeria did to you shall be permanent, eyin omo ako ti le ta jati jati. You won’t see a Chinese/ India person do this, rubbish.”

Analechi added:

“One of our lecturers told us “you can’t graduate with an A in my course. A is for God and B is for the Chief lecturers. Beside me taking the course graduated with E”. I still remember that pain fresh and sound.”

Olori wrote:

“Another ungrateful citizen sighted. A country that subsidized your education so you could continue your studies is the one that harmed you? Just because a white man agreed to take a picture with you doesn’t mean you should lose your culture.”

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