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“Don’t stay long during omugwo, it’s not vacation”: Woman tackles grandmothers



"Don't stay long during omugwo, it's not vacation": Woman tackles grandmothers
  • A Nigerian woman has shared her thoughts on the traditional practice of ‘Omugwo’ calling for a shift in mindset
  • In a video, she emphasised that ‘Omugwo’ should be about supporting the new mother and her baby, rather than treating it as a vacation
  • The woman urged men to stand up for their wives and ensure they are not burdened with household chores after childbirth

A Nigerian woman has challenged the perception of ‘Omugwo’ being seen as a vacation for some mother-in-laws.

In a video, she noted that instead of expecting the son’s wife to clean and cook during their visit, the mother-in-law should be offering assistance and support.

Nigerian woman African grandmothers over long omugwo visitsWoman tackles grandmothers over long omugwo visits
Photo credit: @omotea12/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Woman speaks on impact of childbirth on women

The woman emphasised the importance of recognizing the physical and emotional toll childbirth takes on women.

She also addressed African men directly, urging them to stand up for their wives and advocate for their well-being after childbirth.

She reiterated that it was unfair for women to be burdened with household chores and responsibilities during this crucial time.

Speaking further, she encouraged men to play an active role in supporting and caring for their wives, ensuring they have the rest and assistance they need.

In her words:

“African men please help us beg your mothers that omugwo is not vacation.”

Netizens react as woman clears the air about ‘Omugwo’ practice

Netizens have taken to the comments section to share their views on the video.

@sopuluchukwutoby@gma reacted:

“So me now living in 3 bedroom, my mother or urs will start mobbing, cooking, bathing the baby, washing toilet etc shooo.”

@SmoothieQueen46 reacted:

“I prefer my own mum.”

@amin1985 said:

“That’s why it is good for wife to have good relationship with their mother in law. E get y.”

@Pascaline Forgive Hamenoo said:

“Hmmm till my own time reach I will know if my mother inlaw is coming or not.”

@Teena commented:

“When I noticed the stress was getting too much I told my husband. I needed washing machine and he got it for me.”

@Yewande said:

“Same for me oo. Thank God my mum was around with me Abeg I cannot come and die.

“Thank God for my mum. I didn’t know what I would have done.”

@ayaobarolagraheem reacted:

“Let the wife mother go for omugwo, then if she is not okay health wise. Then active husband mother can go. If not wife relative or neighbour go help o.”

@realdeb said:

“Hmmmm, if not for anything, I give it to my MIL, she did her best during omugwo even though she later said I’m lazy. But she really did her best.”

@oriakubueze1 reacted:

“I think is a Yoruba thing that the MIL does the omugwo. Amongst us Igbos is our mums that do omugwo.”

Watch the video below:

Lady dances as mother-in-law carries her newborn child

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young Nigerian lady, @yanki_titi, has stirred massive reactions online after making a video of her mother-in-law carrying her child.

Describing the woman as a good person, she said that she hoped the woman who had come to help her with their newborn would not go back on time.

In the clip, both she and the woman danced to show that they have a very good vibe going on between them. Many ladies in her comment section said they would be so happy to have her kind of mother-in-law.


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