Don’t commit suicide if not picked,DC counsels Census job-seekers

Don’t commit suicide if not picked,DC counsels Census job-seekers

By Richard Luo in Sinda

SINDA district commissioner David Tembo has urged Census applicants not to commit suicide if they aren’t picked.Addressing a thousand-plus youths who gathered at Chassa Marist Brothers Secondary School on Wednesday, Tembo said there is no need for anyone to kill oneself when there is no recruitment in the grave.

He assured them of better things ahead giving the example that soon the government would be recruiting soldiers and others.“If you are not picked, don’t behave like those nurses and teachers who went and killed themselves. You kill yourself kumanda kuliye (at the cemetery there is no) recruitment. Don’t do that! We will be recruiting soldiers and other recruitments soon. So if you are not picked it’s for a reason,” Tembo said.

On Tuesday defence minister told ZNBC that the government would soon recruit 5,000 military personnel.And Tembo noted that the applicants for the Census were too many yet the district was given a small number of 577 compared to a thousand-plus that gathered.

“…this day might not be your day but I want to assure you that there are greater greater things coming your way. You may not be picked for a reason,” he said.

Tembo asked civil servants who applied for the census programme to withdraw and leave it to those who are not in the civil service.He said any civil servant who would attempt “this means they choose census than being a civil servant”.Tembo warned them that they can’t hide because they are using the same national registration card.

“If you are a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a cleaner or you were recruited last week, please may you start walking out of this place because this isn’t your show. Why are you too selfish that you don’t want others to benefit? In new dawn we follow order. So if you don’t want, then we won’t cooperate,” he said. “There was a ministerial statement and when the President speaks, when the minister speaks, ours is to obey. If we don’t obey then we invoke the law. Mind you, census is for a month so choose to lose employment or not.”Tembo also challenged those that would be picked to work diligently and in an honest way.

“Those of you who will be picked we want you to serve people of Sinda so diligently and in a honest way. This thing has a timeframe so,” said Tembo.

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