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‘Dem Sabi Dance’: Watch video of ‘soldiers’ dancing around bride & groom at wedding



'Dem Sabi Dance': Watch video of 'soldiers' dancing around bride & groom at wedding

A TikTok video has shown how men in military uniforms treated a groom and his bride as a king and a queen.

TikTok users have fallen in love with the video posted on the platform by Cosmos Kyei Lincoln.

In the short but interesting clip posted on November 13, the bride and the groom were dancing in the middle while the men in military uniform surrounded them.

Video of soldiers dancing at a wedding goes viral on TikTok

The soldiers danced around the bride and groom with military precision, producing a fine rhythm that excited many people.

While it is not confirmed if the men in military uniform were real soldiers, those in the comment section of the video apparently believe they are.

It is also unknown if either the man or his wife belongs to any arm of the military.

Watch the video Here!

Reactions from TikTok users

@favour Sammy said:

“Imagine say nobody invite you, then you come foll the cake, hmmm. Na only you waka come oo.”

@Giftnicky commented:

“Imagine say rice no reach your hand and you begin dey fight.”

@Y’all meet Lee ma said:

“Na because of this dance I won marry Arewa guy.”

@princesskaddy593 reacted:

“Can’t wait to get married to my soldier hubby.”

@wealth Silas reacted:

“Imagine the girl’s ex show up.”

@hrmomodumosuaugus said:

“Something is telling me to switch off the gen.”

@michaelsteven665 said:

“Military is sweet.”

@user1414213357588 said:

“But how long it takes you guys to practice this dance moves.”

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