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“Children Homework Dey Hard o”: Little Girl Calls Out Her Dad Who Tries to Dodge Her Assignment



"Children Homework Dey Hard o": Little Girl Calls Out Her Dad Who Tries to Dodge Her Assignment
  • A hilarious TikTok video shows a little girl catching her dad trying to avoid helping her with her homework
  • The dad, who was busy on his phone, pretended not to hear his daughter’s request and hoped she would leave him alone
  • However, the clever girl was not fooled by his act and exposed him to her mum

A funny video that has gone viral on TikTok captures the moment a little girl realized her dad was trying to dodge helping her with her homework.

The video, posted by the mum @queen_elizzy1, shows the dad sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand while his daughter approaches him with a sheet of paper.

Photo of little girlLittle girl plays with her dad. Photo credit: TikTok/@queen_elizzy1Source: TikTok

The girl asks her dad to help her with her assignment, but he acts as if he can’t hear her and ignores her.

The girl, who is not easily fooled, quickly notices his trick and calls him out. She tells her mum, behind the camera, that her dad is pretending not to hear her because he doesn’t want to help her.

The mum can’t help but laugh at the hilarious situation as the dad tries to defend himself and claims he was just busy on his phone.

The video has received thousands of views and comments on TikTok, with many people finding it funny and cute.

Some praised the girl for being smart and observant, while others related to the dad’s struggle with homework. The video is a perfect example of how parents and children can have fun and bond over everyday situations.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Mhiz joyce6 reacted:

“But true true some of this children assignment dey hard o, eg quantitative reasoning.”

MsSaita said:

“She saw it with her kolo kolo eyes O much love from Kenya.”

BabyCash5 wrote:

“Oya Oya you don catch me.”


“U did my cousins assignment nd he got zero.”


“Can we blog this sir/ma. See as he’s laughing.”

Gilbert official:

“The law and a lady of many abilities. She talks like my sister.”


“I like her hairstyle, love come down.”


“Papa no know the answer. na olodo.”

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