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“Caught Red-Handed”: CCTV Captures Moment Nigerian Man Stormed a Hospital and Stole a Nurse’s Phone



"Caught Red-Handed": CCTV Captures Moment Nigerian Man Stormed a Hospital and Stole a Nurse's Phone
  • A CCTV camera planted at a hospital recently exposed a Nigerian man who stole a nurse’s mobile phone
  • In the video, the young man stole the nurse’s phone from her table while looking around to confirm that nobody was watching
  • Reacting to the video shared on Instagram, many netizens aired their diverse views on CCTV camera operations

A fraudulent Nigerian man was recently exposed by a CCTV camera planted at a hospital.

In a trending video, the young man was spotted stealing a nurse’s mobile phone from her table in the hospital and escaping with it.

Man steals phone at hospital, CCTVMan steals phone at hospital
Photo Credit: @lindaikejiSource: Instagram

The video has sparked so many reactions from netizens who noted that the CCTV camera was not monitored effectively.

However, some others claimed he looked unhealthy and wondered why he stole a phone instead of an injection or medicine.

Social media reactions

@mosesdee1 said:

“Ahhh people still dey steal phones these days? Even in 2023? Imagine being caught going to jail because of stealing of phone, na wa shaa.”

@jerreey stated:

“This one wey look sick dey steal phone. You no see drip to carry?”

@tessyama wrote:

“People still dey steal phone?”

@chichi_savage added:

“They have CCTV and no one was monitoring it, na only when person don thief them go come check am.”

@mide_fwesh commented:

“Can you imagine, this one no be hunger again. See his face like sorrow.”

@ani_unic reacted:

“Nasal, and if the nurse act angry now she will be blamed. Man sha makes man to be wicked. We humans don’t know the real in interpretation of that comment.”

@jfadcollections replied:

“So sad, huge embarrassment and he will now blame the devil.”

@available_aza added:

“And this one wan get good health like this.”

@mi_ra_cle112 said:

“Shey na when the thief don commit dem dey check CCTV?”

Watch the video below:

CCTV exposes sales girl who steals madam’s goods

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a video shared by @otunbaayodeji1 has shown a lady showing people the things that her salesgirl stole from her shop. Displaying the things on the floor, she said she was able to catch the worker because of the CCTV she installed in her shop.

In the video, the lady stated that after they saw what she had packed in her bag, they had to follow her home to see the many things she had been stealing. She said that the goods, after calculation, are worth over N1 million.

The madam added that when she asked the salesgirl what she was doing with the cosmetics items, her response was that she wanted to learn with them. The shop owner advised people to be careful with their workers.


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