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“Casted”: VeryDarkMan’s message begging Davido for money surfaces online



"Casted": VeryDarkMan's message begging Davido for money surfaces online
  • VeryDarkMan’s plea to Nigerian singer, Davido, for financial support for his NGO has caused a stir on social media
  • The plea was a passionate response to Davido’s tweet where he expressed frustration about ungratefulness
  • The post has garnered mixed reactions from netizens in the comment section as some tackled the activist

In a post directed at Nigerian singer Davido, popular activist, Martins Otse, a.k.a VeryDarkMan expressed his desire for financial support for their upcoming NGO.

The activist highlighted the need for clean drinking water and the intention to build boreholes to address the issue.

VeryDarkMan requests money from Davido for NGOVeryDarkMan requests money from Davido for NGO
Photo credit: @verydarkblackman/Instagram.Source: Instagram

VeryDarkMan passionately appeals to Davido for funding

The plea, accompanied by a reference to Davido’s wealth, caught the attention of social media users, leading to a heated discussion.

He wrote;

“Davido don’t let this people change you 0o, I need some of your money when I start my NGO. A lot of kids in Nigeria Still drink river water, project build boreholes go soon start. 0B0 never vex yet. I need your money.”

This is coming after Davido tweeted his frustration about ungratefulness without directly mentioning anyone’s name.

Netizens react to activist’s plea for funding from Davido

The activist’s request for funding from Davido received mixed reactions from netizens.

Some mocked the activist, pointing out his previous statement claiming he didn’t need Davido’s money.

@jeffryprettypretty commented:

“But you said he asked for your account last time, you didn’t give him, okay now you need the money? funny people everywhere.”

@ble_ssing_sunday reacted:

“Rich man pikin go think say David na CBN.”

@bu.kun_mi said:

“If you believe VDM is a beggar like my comment.”

@aifypedro commented:

“NGO is one of the oldest scam in Nigeria, na wetin this one want use cash out.”

@elijah_emenike001 said:

“99% of people close to David are with him for their own self interest.”

@evacomedytv_ said:

“But you said you don’t need social media money. Ewu hausa.”

@_soburaah reacted:

“‘I still need your money”. I thought you said he gave you money but you rejected it.”

@queengbem commented:

“Coming from someone who says he doesn’t accept money this vdm is somehow am starting to dislike him.”

Watch the video below:

Rare video of VeryDarkMan with Hausa men leaks online

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that activist, VeryDarkMan, has stunned netizens with a new video that he shared on social media. In the clip, he was seen boldly teaching Hausa artisans self-defence techniques.

In the video, he emphasised that life does not have to be hard and encouraged people to live for themselves rather than trying to impress others. The comment section of the viral video was flooded with expressions of love and support for VeryDarkMan. Netizens applauded his efforts to empower others and his authenticity and ability to prioritize his happiness and growth.

@srigeorgeom commented: “If you know him very well, you will know that he is a principled person and not someone who can be influenced by fame and money. I regret to inform you that Very Dark Black Man is not available for purchase. Don’t play, If you attempt to bribe him or silence him with money, You will learn. So, be cautious.”


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