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“Cars Can’t Move Here”: Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends



"Cars Can't Move Here": Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends
  • A young Nigerian man has shared a funny video recounting his first day at a relocation and travel agency
  • The intern’s journey to work was filled with unexpected twists and comical mishaps that kept people in stitches
  • While posting the video via his official account, he hoped that he wouldn’t get sacked for sharing his experience

A Nigerian man, Tobe Ugeh, has gone viral after sharing his work experience with netizens.

He revealed that his journey to work took an unexpected turn when he encountered a driver with expired papers.

Hilarious video as man enters boat to new workplace
Photo credit: @tobeszn/Instagram.Man enters boat to new workplace
Photo credit: @tobeszn/Instagram.Source: TikTok

Undeterred, the intern navigated through flooded areas using a boat, eventually reaching a part of Lagos where buses were unavailable, leading to a long trek.

Despite seeking directions to his workplace, Tobe faced challenges as people ignored his inquiries.

Finally, a helpful individual responded, but in a language the intern didn’t understand – French.

Tobe finds workplace after navigating through boat

Resorting to Google Maps, Tobe eventually found the small office he was looking for, only to discover that the agency specialized in relocation to Cotonou or Cameroon not London.

Tobe’s coworkers recognized him from Instagram and advised against making videos. After work, the intern attempted to secure a ride home, but the driver demanded a hefty sum for fuel.

Opting for the same unconventional transportation, Tobe became more skilled at paddling and even received a life jacket for the journey back.

In his words;

“I got another job and this time interning at a relocation and travel agency and maybe I will just japa from here. I remember last week I was so sad because I lost my first job but now I’m so happy.

“The best part is they didn’t even interview me they said I should just resume immediately. On my way to work, Road safety and I told him don’t worry I will fight for you. Don’t you know me Lawyer. This wicked driver did not tell me that he has not renewed his papers since 2010.

“This office was far and I called the HR number but they said I should keep going that I will see small flood that when I see the flood I will know that I’m close but the bus I’m in might not agree to pass, see me thinking that I will use KeKe, but what we used was boat, this is not even a boat it’s fence.

“The man was even saying that I should paddle fast. We got to part of Lagos there were no buses anymore only trekking. I called the HR. The woman said I should keep coming. I kept trying to ask people for direction, but nobody was replying me they finally somebody replied me, and the person was speaking French. I might not be the smartest person but I know the person was speaking French.

“I opened my Google map and it was telling me seven minutes away from Seme border. After trekking like an Israelite, I finally found the office they were talking about. It was so small. What these people didn’t tell me is that they handle relocation to Cotonou not London to Cotonou or Cameroon that’s why they’re so dammn close to the border. One of my coworkers said he knows me from Instagram that I should not make any videos.

“When we closed I asked this man, if he could drop me, he said that I will give him money for fuel. I asked him how much and he said N10k. I said ah! How much much is the whole salary. Anyway the same way I came was the same way I left. Infact I got better at paddling and they gave me life jacket.”

Netizens react to video of man paddling boat to work

Netizens thoroughly enjoyed Tobe’s video, finding the intern’s comical travel mishaps highly entertaining.

@francestheodore reacted:

“Tobeee where did you get this suit. it’s giving serious Nigerian youth looking for job.”

@neo_akpofure said:

“The chaos in this video alone.”

@_zadd_y said:

“Imagine paddling in your suit.”

@L_am_vivianne commented:

“Just be staying at the office and go home on weekends boos.”

@kanagajnr said:

“Bro don’t fuckn kill me.”

@nimiie_ reacted:

“It’s the excitement in I got another job.”

@daalaoruwari said:

“Chaos is a ladder.”

@vivianjackson_ reacted:

“Tobe sha hope you know how to swim, one day it will be needed.”

Watch the video below:

Man builds boat for children to paddle to school

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young man identified as Noah Shemede, who recently built a free school, has achieved another applaudable feat. In an interview with LegitTV, the young man revealed that he is the first person to build a free school boat to transport kids to school in the Makoko area of Lagos State.

Since the community is located in a riverine area, children have difficulty going to school. Noah noticed the condition of the kids and decided to build a boat which would be conveying them to and fro. When asked what inspired him to do such a great thing for the kids, Noah said he believes in education and children’s future. He said no matter how a child might look, he or she can become the president tomorrow.

According to him, all children deserve sound education no matter where they live, thus his reason for building a boat is to endure that children go to school. He recognised the need for children to be able to move to school easily in the community; thus, he launched a school boat that can convey up to thirty children at a time.


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