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“Can’t leave them alone anymore”: Mum shares video of husband and daughter



"Can't leave them alone anymore": Mum shares video of husband and daughter
  • A woman has shared a video capturing a heartwarming and playful moment between her husband, their baby, and their dog
  • The video showed the baby sitting on the high end of the bed frame with the dog, while a WWE sound played in the background
  • Netizens in the comments section expressed their surprise at how the dog remained calm and happy during the interaction

In a video shared by @thelasfam, a father was captured engaging in a playful moment with his baby and their dog.

The baby girl was seen sitting on the high end of the bed frame, accompanied by the dog, while a WWE sound played in the background.

Mum sees little daughter playfully wrestling with dadMum sees little daughter playfully wrestling with dadSource: TikTok

Father’s playful moment with little daughter caught on camera

The father interacted with his daughter, catching and holding her as she jumped towards him.

Little did they know that their playful moment was about to be interrupted.

As the father and baby were immersed in their joyful interaction, they remained unaware of the wife’s arrival.

Opening the door, she walked in on the heartwarming scene unfolding before her eyes.

Netizens react to dog’s composure as dad plays with daughter

Netizens who viewed the video expressed their amazement at the dog’s composure throughout the playful interaction.

Many commented on how the dog seemed comfortable sitting next to the baby on the bed frame, even with the WWE sound playing in the background.

Some speculated that the dog must have been happy when the woman entered the room, adding to the overall charm of the video.

@siobhan j reacted:

“How did the dog even? I’m so impressed right now.”

@Jostyn Jones d said:

“The dog is the real parent.”

@Emily Smith said:

“The golden retriever Imao how.”

@user2400898432656 reacted:

“The dog is like “thank gawwd you are here! Please saaaave me o.”

@user5313709435754 said:

“It’s definitely not the first time they are doing this.”

@N commented:

“The dog is like “mom wouldn’t approve this.’”

@Simran Kaur reacted:

“I am amazed at the dog sitting there.”

@Justin Brown said:

“The dog is the general manager of the contract signing.”

@blessed mangl commented:

“I think the dog is the only official judge we have until mom entered.”

@SHANE said:

“It’s the dog just sitting there aswel.”

@OTCK9 Academy said:

“The dog ‘Guys I told you this wasn’t a good idea.’”

Watch the video below:

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Drawing closer to the wooden kennel of the dogs, she put some pieces into their mouths and hilariously appealed to them to allow her to finish the rest.


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