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“Buy Rice & Dodo”: Driver Delays Passenger After She Ordered Ride, Says He’s Eating, Photos of Chats Go Viral



  • Photos of a conversation between a lady and her Bolt driver have surfaced online, as many found them funny
  • After the driver’s car was booked for a ride, he told his passenger he needed to finish his meal before coming
  • Many people who read that the passenger asked the driver to get food said that she high level of confidence

A Nigerian lady with the handle @tweetsbyASAKEEH has shared photos of a conversation between her and a Bolt driver.

She said that drivers like him are the best. After the man’s cab was ordered, he told his customer he was eating and would not move until he was done.

Driver delayed passenger/lady begged driver to buy food.People were surprised that the passenger would eat the food.
Photo source: @tweetsbyASAKEEHSource: Twitter

Driver helped passenger with food

He emphatically told the lady that the food was important to his health and strength as he could faint. The driver begged for the passenger’s patience.

In response, the passenger told him to also help her buy food when he is coming for the ride. Their conversation was quite hilarious. The passenger told him:

“Rice and beans is good too. With meat and dodo.”

See his post below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

@BukolaOfGod1 said:

“Be careful, make dem no use food carry you go where you no know.”

@RasheedatIdris9 said:

“If the food plenty pass am to me life hard abeg.”

@astrogrllll said:

“This is the funniest tweet I’ve sent today.”

@OlamideOyemaja said:

“And you chop am. You get mind o.”

@1realsamx said:

“Proper customer service.”

@theufedo said:

“Person go dey do bolt you go still dey suffer billing.”

@ADEBOWALE____ said:

“I will run this with my Bike man.”

@gamzivibez said:

“Blud said with meat and dodo. Una dey muzz me.”

Taxi driver installed sockets in car

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a male passenger was surprised when he took a taxi and saw the wall sockets the driver installed in his car for people to charge their phones.

He made a video showing the interior of the car. On the dashboard was a socket for whoever is sitting in front to use. There was also a socket each at the back of the driver’s and the front passenger’s seats.

The male passenger ran a commentary while filming the car. Many people who reacted to the video found it funny.


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