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“Bring Pepper”: Nigerian Lady Posts List of Essential Items to Carry When Relocating to Canada



"Bring Pepper": Nigerian Lady Posts List of Essential Items to Carry When Relocating to Canada
  • A Nigerian lady who now lives in Canada advised would-be travellers to bring some important items while coming
  • The lady, Temmy, insists that bringing garri, noodles, pepper, sponge, and other items would be helpful for students relocating to Canada
  • Some other Nigerians who are already in Canada agreed with her and said they also took some local food to the North American country

A Nigerian lady residing in Canada offered some insights on essential items would-be travellers should come with.

The lady, Temmy, made a video and posted it on TikTok to help would-be immigrants from Nigeria to better understand things to come with.

List of essential items to carry when travelling to Canada.The lady advised international students to bring pepper to Canada. Photo credit: TikTok/@igobytemmy.Source: TikTok

In the video, Temmy noted that bringing things such as sanitary pads, pepper, a bathing sponge, and noodles would be helpful.

She said other things she recommends for people to bring to Canada are garri, some groceries, milk, adapters, and hair attachments.

On the need to bring adapters, Temmy said:

“I cannot stress this enough. You need this to prevent electrical surges for electrical appliances and even phone chargers bought outside of your destination country.”

TikTok users react Temmy’s list

@Nofi said:

“No! Because I can’t do without Always.”

@Saltandpepper said:

“I heard milk is not allowed.”

@Itari said:

“But the pads here have such range. Get the level 5 and say bye bye to being worried about heavy flow and stains.”

@Boyfromspace said:

“Groceries should have come first because why not?”

@Anyanwu ututu commented:

“So nobody the like remember to pack groundnut for the garri.”

@prvncedafirst reacted:

“How about guys? What do we pack?”

@Mhizruby04 said:

“Don’t forget your hair products. I’m still crying. I will explain better later.”

@Norman said:

“My brother travelled to Canada last week. He went to the airport late and wasn’t able to check in his luggage, so he had to go without them.”

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