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Boys drag their shy friend to his female crush at school, funny video trends



Boys drag their shy friend to his female crush at school, funny video trends
  • Social media users have reacted to a trending video of a shy boy being dragged by his friends at school
  • His friends dragged and pushed him to a girl he seemed to have a crush on and his reaction was funny
  • While some people tackled his friends for pushing him to the girl, others thought it was a good way for him to overcome his cold feet problem

A video of a group of friends pushing a shy boy to his female crush at school has got many people talking.

TikToker, Peace Jonah, shared the video on social media with the caption, “If your friends don’t bully you, are they really your friends?”

School boys, crush, girl, shy friendThe boys literally pushed him to her.
Photo Credit: (@p.e4ce_)Source: TikTok

The clip with over one million views started with the boy being dragged by his friends towards a girl who was at a corner.

When they got to the girl, they pushed him and left him all alone. The boy shyly covered his face and made to leave as the girl turned around to look at him.

He did not have the courage to talk to her.

Watch the video below:

Mixed opinions trail the shy boy’s video

Bacha Dagoul said:

“Been in the same exact position in middle school, my friends dragged me to the girl I liked bc they were tired of me always talking about her.”

Sultan said:

“Reminds of when I did this to a guy in high-school. They’re now 4 yrs strong.”

Notification said:

“I feel like bro missed a chance.. he had a 70% chance with the boy’s motivation.”

angelica said:

“He’s literally crying.”

Mphankomo said:

“Your friends will not humiliate you in front of the girl you like, change friends my G.”

no one said:

“The way the girl looked back?”

phanto015 said:

“His friends were simply tired of the guy always talking about the girl instead of talking to her.”

Somtwana said:

“All men pass this stage of gwababa just we use to hide it but this is how we learn to be strong.”

Shy lady records handsome male student on campus

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a shy lady had shared a video of a male student that caught her attention.

Seeing how very handsome the young man was, the lady recorded the undergraduate secretly. She said that she saw him at Delta State University.

When she shared the video of the young man, she asked people to help her locate him so she could get a chance to meet the student.

Some people asked the lady to check the words written on the man’s notebook as a clue to track his department.


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