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Boyfriend collects car he gave girlfriend after she mentioned another man’s name



Boyfriend collects car he gave girlfriend after she mentioned another man's name
  • A viral video of a lady who mentioned another man’s name instead of her boyfriend’s left netizens in stitches
  • In the video, the lady placed flowers and cake on the car she was to take after passing the loyalty test and left
  • She shared screenshots of her WhatsApp chats with her lover, asking her what gift she wanted, but she couldn’t get his name right

A video of a Tanzanian lady, identified as Irene Benjamin, who failed a loyalty test, has gone viral.

Tanzanian lady loses car from boyfriend.Lady unable to mention boyfriend’s name, loses car among other surprise gifts from him. Photos: Clouds Media, Okrahvevo.Source: UGC

Why man repossessed car from girlfriend

The lady, who had just graduated, still in her graduation gown, was surprised with flowers, cake and car by her boyfriend through a popular Tanzanian TikToker, Okrahvevo.

The content creator waited for the beautiful graduate at a parking lot before sharing the great news with her. He said he had interviewed her once, and his boyfriend used him to deliver gifts to her.

“Surprise yako hii hapa (Here is your surprise). Flowers, graduation cake and this car,” he said.

The lady thought it was a prank and said no, but the TikToker insisted the gifts were hers.

The interviewer then told Irene that she would take the car only if she mentioned the name of her boyfriend, who sent her the gifts.

Irene asked the interviewer to switch off the camera first, saying it was a private question, but he did not.

“Ben,” she said.

The interviewer called the man who sent him and told him she had mentioned Ben as his name, which wasn’t. The man was shocked, and when he called again to speak to Irene, she asked the interviewer not to pick. She returned the flowers and cake on the car bonnet before disappearing.

Lady who failed to mention lover’s name defends herself

Speaking to CloudsMedia, she said Ben is her father’s name. She revealed her boyfriend had asked her what she wanted for her graduation and shared WhatsApp chat screenshots.

“I did not want to mention people’s names during the interview, and to save face, I mentioned my father’s name, Ben. The interviewer then called my lover, and I told him to hang up because I had panicked. I left and went for a photo session,” she said.

Irene said she later got the car.

“My lover later called my sister, and I talked to him. He gave me back the flowers, cake and the car,” she said.

Reactions to the viral video include:

The video left netizens in stitches, and below is what some had to say:

Mkeiyo_ said:

“The importance of having boyfriends with the same name.”

Queen Nyar Awendo said:

“It happened to me on a Valentine’s Day though it wasn’t a car but an iPhone.”

Celebrity talk said:

“Ben will marry her.”

Falcao said:

“Let it be a lesson to other women: just have one boyfriend.”

Raphael Daud said:

“Mission accomplished .”

Esther*45DW said:

“Another love to wrong person.”

Pink lips wrote:

“Surprise gone wrong.”

Boyfriend dealt with lover after breakup

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, Amaka Doris, narrated how her ex-boyfriend, Vene, took back the shop he constructed for her after their breakup.

In a video shared online, a truck was seen carrying away the shop, leaving Amaka surprised and hurt.


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