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“Born in June, Died in September”: Mohbad & Tupac Shakur Share Strange Similarities in Death & Birth



"Born in June, Died in September": Mohbad & Tupac Shakur Share Strange Similarities in Death & Birth
  • Following Mohbad’s death, a man has come up with similarities between the late singer and the late US rapper Tupac Shakur
  • They both share the same birth month, June and died in the same month, September
  • In his TikTok video, the man disclosed that Tupac and Mohbad died young, in their 20s, under controversial circumstances

A man has said Nigerian singer Mohbad and Tupac Shakur share certain similarities that are strange.

In a TikTok video, the man, @machiigwealuta, revealed that both Mohbad and Tupac Shakur share the same birth month.

Mohbad and Tupack Shakur shared birth and death similarities.Mohbad and Tupac Shakur share interesting birth and death similarities that have gone viral. Photo credit: Instagram/@mohbad and Getty Images/Bob Berg.Source: UGC

Apart from their birth month, Tupac and Mohbad also died in tragic circumstances in the same month.

Similarities between Mohbad and Tupac Shakur birth and death dates

While Tupac was born on June 16, 1971, Mohbad, on his part, came into the world on June 8, 1996.

Also, Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996, and Mohbad tragically passed on September 12, 2023, in controversial circumstances.

The Nigerian man also noted that Tupac Shakur died in 1996, the same year in which Mohbad was born.

The death of Mohbad, who was also 27 years old, happened 27 years after the death of Tupac Shakur. The interesting similarities between the two singers have sparked reactions on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to similarities between Tupac Shakur and Mohbad

@smart7222 said:

“I never see dis kind thing before oooo. The day wey den buried Mohbad rainfall.”

@Makaveli said:

“2pac for life Mohbad for life. And it was all about the same issues of record label.”

@Effizy Chris said:

“Mohbad is not just a human…he’s light.”

@Valentina reacted:

“Don’t play with children born in the month of June. Their spirit is too strong.”

@Sphesihle Duba commented:

“I didn’t really follow Mohbad that much but somehow his passing has affected me i was in disbelief.”

Mohbad’s fan visits shrine

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a man consulted a native doctor to pray against the alleged killers of Mohbad.

The fan was seen in the company of a native doctor in a shrine as they prayed in front of what looked like charms.

They asked the gods to punish whoever orchestrated the death of the 27-year-old singer, whose death sparked outrage.


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