Book Club: Ladies Breakfast Forum Book Club

I grew up reading comics such as Archie’s, Bible Stories, Fairy Tales and Captain Underpants among others. Most of my family are avid readers so I picked up the trait.

As the years progressed, I turned to books about real-life stories, autobiographies and accounts of places. My favourite being all of Amy Tan’s writings, Philip Gourevitch- We wish to Inform you (Rwanda stories) and What is the What by Dave Eggers.

At Strathmore University, I was the lead for the Strathmore University Book Club, Group 1 (D).

Books to me are like a treasure and tour portal. They feed into my creative abilities whilst going on an adventure with words. 

To connect with other readers, I belong to The Ladies Breakfast Forum Book Club where we read a book a month. It comprises women from different industry sectors who come together to read and share their experiences, mentor and gain knowledge. We are 17 members.

With the Ladies Breakfast Forum Book club, I read one book which we review every Saturday from 7am-8am. We read genres such as contemporary literature, personal development, autobiographical (Ethnic Identity), memoirs, and nonfiction. 

We are currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

Atomic Habits offers a system that can be used to achieve results. Some of the key learnings are; To get better everyday, improve one percent of your daily activity to achieve your true potential. Instead of hitting a grand slam once, gradual change towards a goal helps to give you perspective, time, and a chance to monitor the change.

It also notes that the four laws of behaviour change are cue, crave, response and reward. This framework offers understanding to human behaviour and how to change it. 

To change your habits one should shifting from “I want to” to “I am”. This makes all the difference in the world. If you already have the potential built within you, you only need to apply habits that reveal your potential.

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