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“Before Relocating Abroad Read This”: Nigerian Man Lands in Trouble after Moving Wife, Kids to UK



"Before Relocating Abroad Read This": Nigerian Man Lands in Trouble after Moving Wife, Kids to UK
  • A Nigerian man on Twitter recently shared some valuable advice about relocating abroad with a spouse
  • In his tweet, he emphasized the importance of considering the potential challenges that could arise in the marriage
  • Sharing a sad story, he revealed how a man got the heartbreak of his life after relocating his wife and kids abroad

A Twitter user @dolawanle has shared the painful story of a man whose wife plotted evil against him in the United Kingdom.

Sharing the story, he noted that it was crucial to think beyond financial prospects and qualifications when considering relocation with a spouse.

Man arrested by police and accused falsely by wife after relocating family abroadMan in pain after relocating family abroad
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The user highlighted the need to assess the potential challenges that could arise in the marriage and how they might impact the dynamics within the family.

Man shattered after relocating wife, kids to UK

Dolawanle shared a distressing case where a man brought his wife and three children to the UK as dependents, only to face unexpected turmoil.

The wife’s behaviour became uncooperative and unruly, leading to the husband’s shock when she accused him of long-term abuse and bedroom assault. The police became involved in the matter.

The husband’s emotional state caught the attention of a senior police officer, who decided to investigate further.

The officer discovered incriminating text messages on the wife’s phone, suggesting that others had coached her on what to say to authorities to secure residency in the UK without her husband and put him in trouble.

The wife has since been arrested and is currently in police custody.

He said:

“Before you decide to relocate to the UK, read this. Do not only think of the money you will make or the qualifications you will get. Think also of whether your marriage will survive and whether your children will not be taken away by the social services or whether the children will not be turned against you.

“I am dealing with a lot of sad cases at the moment and let me tell you one. A man brought his wife and three children to the UK as dependents. The wife got here and became very uncooperative. She became very unruly, hid her money, and called the police on her husband.

“The husband was shocked when he got to the police station and the police told him that his wife said he has been abusing her for 12 years. The husband who is a professional cried throughout the time he was in the police custody to the extent that a senior police officer became interested in the case.

“He decided to take over and investigate the case. He took the wife’s mobile phone and discovered that people had been texting the wife about what to say to the police to get the right to live in the UK with her children without her husband and put the man in trouble. Long story short, she has just been arrested and is in police custody. Aye le o!

“So, don’t just Japa because others are travelling out. Think of the state of your own family. Think of the wife or husband you are married to. Think of what they are capable of if they get into the Western World. This applies to men and women.”

Netizens react by expressing fear towards the female gender

This story prompted a reaction from netizens with some expressing fear towards women.

@swaag said:

“But this is a sober and shocking story, why are you seriously laughing and smiling here sir? Just curious.”

@andrewoma said:

“Hot tears.”

@Ronna reacted:

“I have heard of woman men doing this just for the papers; destroying the life of a man they swore to love & honour till death do them apart. Just because of permanent residency? It’s insanely stupid to just throw all you’ve built over the years just for PR & its benefits.”

@realOBOZUWA said:

“A friend deliberately left his wife in Nig cos he knows she’ll switch against him over night for no reason. Now I’m in a dilemma on what to do when I get to that bridge.”

@escapefromnaija said:

“Pause every top of the hour and FEAR WOMAN!”

@BigNkay commented:

“Some of these women do this and end up lonely and frustrated at the end. I know of someone the wife did this to, today he married and got another family in Canada, while the guy that deceived her has dumped her with two kids.”

See the post below:

Man advises men never to travel abroad without wives

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian man known as @odogwukiwi on TikTok has shared a strong message regarding the potential perils of leaving one’s spouse behind when embarking on a journey to another country.

In the video, Odogwukiwi passionately expressed his concerns, stating that leaving one’s spouse behind when travelling abroad is risky. In his video, he claimed that women whose husbands travelled abroad would not remain faithful to their husbands.

The video highlighted the potential challenges and risks individuals may face when leaving their partners behind and embarking on a journey to a foreign land.


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