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“Be Like Say Na Mohbad Spirit”: Nigerian Man Shares Video of Rare Creature He Found in His Compound



"Be Like Say Na Mohbad Spirit": Nigerian Man Shares Video of Rare Creature He Found in His Compound
  • A Nigerian man has taken to social media to display an uncommon creature he discovered in his compound
  • A video of the creature at the entrance of the gate has sent social media into a frenzy as people marvelled
  • While some people joked that it may have been sent from his village, others argued that it is expensive

Mixed reactions have trailed a video showing the rare creature a young man found in his compound.

The Nigerian youth, @kennymount0, videoed the creature which positioned itself at the doorway of the main gate.

Barn owl, compound, Nigerian manHe found a barn owl in his compound.
Photo Credit: @kennymount0Source: TikTok

The young man was surprised. At the time of this report, the video has amassed over 161k views on TikTok.

A look at the creature showed it is truly a barn owl like the young man opined.

Some people claimed the medium-sized, pale-coloured owl with long wings and a short, squarish tail is worth $4k (over N3 million), while others funnily told him it was sent from his village.

Watch the video below:

People share their thoughts on the barn owl’s appearance

Omoze said:

“Wetin owl come dey find up and down this two days …them don drive them from their planet nii.”

Nsdj Eligee said:

“Catch am they say e worth $4000.”

Lvthblizz said:

“Na this one Dey trend now?? Una mind no go touch ground.”

Ondhurt said:

“Vanessa just de waka up n down … Wetin Vanessa don face for this life dj chicken never face am.”

sirfaith4 said:

“Be like say na Mohbad spirit turn to owl.”

Jay said:

“This one wa this bird Dey visit everybody so hmm.”

love said:

“Y dis bird con dey visit all of una,I hope barn owl no b ember gift lk dis.”

Cielo Chinedum said:

“Christmas don dey reach, una aunties no wan rest.”

Nigerian man cries out over rare creature found beside his generator

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a man had raised an alarm over a rare creature found beside his generator.

Taking to TikTok, the man, @timitrey, shared a video of the creature, saying he was about to put on the generator when he saw it.

The young man said he was scared and cried out for help. In a follow-up video, a bold fellow appeared on the scene and helped to take out the creature.

A look at the clip showed the creature is a barn owl. According to Barn Owl Trust, barn owls are birds of prey, hunting and catching small mammals.


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