BBNaija 7: Check out Top 5 richest Level Up housemates so far

The BBNaija Level Up season recently concluded its sixth week and a number of housemates made big bucks owing to their big wins on the show.

Despite the grand prize of the reality show being N100m in cash and gifts, the other housemates have been given ample opportunities to win big with mouth watering rewards during their tasks.

During the course of six weeks, some housemates have stayed consistent with their wins or have been fortunate enough to win tasks with huge prizes attached.

1. Chomzy:

This pretty young lady is topping the list as the richest BBNaija Level Up housemate so far. She has amassed about N6.5 million in cash prizes and also won a trip to Cape Town with the rest of her fellow housemates. Some of her wins include N250,000 from Close Up, N500,000 from Guinness Smooth, N2.5 million from Supa Komando, N220,000 from Airtel and N2.5 million from Pepsi, to name a few.

2. Bryann:

This young man has amassed about N3.6 million in his six weeks stay in the BBNaija Level Up house. Some of his wins includes N250,000 from Close Up, N500,000 from Guinness Smooth, N2.5 million from Pepsi as well as an all-expense paid trip to South Africa.

3. Deji:

This fake housemate no doubt made great use of his time on the BBNaija show before his eventual eviction. He was able to make about N3.4 million before leaving. His wins include N500,000 from TravelBeta, N220,000 from Airtel, N1,760,000 from Quidax, N2.5 million from Pepsi and a trip to South Africa.

4. Adekunle:

This young man moved from the second highest earner to the fourth in just one week. His co-stars had obviously gotten their game on. He has currently amassed N3.37 million. Some of the wins include N250,000 from Close Up, N2.5 million from Supa Komando, N1,760,000 from Quidax, Trip to Cape Town from Pepsi.

5. Dotun:

Week 6 appeared to be a very good one for Dotun seeing as he won HOH for the first time when all the other housemates were up for eviction. He has won about N2.9 million in prizes so far some of which includes N500,000 from Guinness Smooth, N1 million from TravelBeta, N1,760,000 from Quidax, and an all-expense paid trip to South Africa courtesy of Pepsi.

Nice one.

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