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Appreciative Mother Rolls on the Floor as Son Gifts Her Brand New Motorcycle



Appreciative Mother Rolls on the Floor as Son Gifts Her Brand New Motorcycle
  • A heartwarming video capturing the overwhelming joy of a mother has impressed netizens on social media
  • The woman was captured rolling on the floor with excitement after receiving a motorcycle gift from her child
  • Netizens have stormed the comments section of the clip to congratulate and celebrate the emotional moment

A TikTok video shared by @favysunshine6 shows the reaction of a mother after receiving a brand-new motorcycle.

In a trending video, the mother was seen rolling on the floor with sheer excitement upon receiving a motorcycle gift from her child.

Mum rolls on the floor after getting motorcycle gift from sonMum rolls on the floor after getting motorcycle
Photo credit: @favysunshine6/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Mum over the moon as she gets new motorcycle

The video beautifully captured the genuine joy and gratitude displayed by the happy mother.

Favy captioned the video;

“Congratulations ma on ur new ride. God bless all mothers.”

Netizens celebrate the emotional moment

The video quickly gained popularity on TikTok, and netizens flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages for the mother.

It touched the hearts of many, emphasizing the power of love and appreciation within families.

@emmanuel odiong reacted:

“Na only mama una Dey talk about no wahala. Papa gether make we c the matter.”


“No girl can be happy like this. E. Nothing like mama for this life.”

@igbo ka igbo said:

“Yes she have to be happy this Motorcycle is almost 900k in the market.”

@benbond87 reacted:

“In some communities bike is like benz. It always good to make mama proud.”

@Nancy commented:

“I pray he money to buy her car.”

@idbecky reacted:

“If she can appreciate bike like this imagine say na GLK.”

@baby reacted:

“God when I go buy for my mom. Congratulations ma’am. Lord bless me.”

@chiomyy reacted:

“God help me my mom must laugh like this.”

@Chichi Edochie said:

“Chai! I can’t help but cry. mama more beautiful things are coming your way ohk. God bless you neEd.”

@Fedieksy reacted:


@mamasEaน said:

“God bless ur son with more money to build house for u then, buy u a car. Amen.”

Watch the video below:

Man into Forex buys brand new car for mum

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young Nigerian man, HabbyFX, who made millions from Forex, has surprised his mother with a car for her birthday.

He had the new car covered as the woman and other family members surrounded it in anticipation. As the mother opened the veil and saw the car, she was surprised by the thoughtful birthday gift.

Red balloons were all over the car seats as the child (@habbyfx) and other people celebrated the happy moment.


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