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“Anyone Who Sits Beside Him Must Fail”: Nigerian Man Expelled from School, Accused of Bringing Bad Luck



  • A young man has shared his experience with a colleague in the university who was rusticated from school
  • According to him, anyone who sat close to the young man during exams always ended up failing the course
  • Despite being rusticated from school, the student’s name was still appearing on the school’s exam board

A man identified as @AgbotiHero on Twitter has called out a colleague in school who got expelled.

He recounted how he was expelled from school as anyone who sat beside him in the exam hall failed.

Student expelled from school, tagged bad luckStudent expelled from school, tagged bad luck
Photo credit: @miniseries, Pius Utomi /Getty imagesSource: Getty Images

According to him, even if a person studied very hard, once you find yourself sitting close to him, you will automatically fail the course.

Speaking further, he revealed that the guy’s score was still showing on the board even after he got expelled.

Agboti shared his experience under a lady’s tweet who shared how her roommates were using her brain to pass exams.

He reiterated that although his story sounded unreal, it did happen.

“I know of someone when he sits beside you in an exam hall, no matter how much you studied you will fail. Got expelled and his scores were still reflecting on the exam board. Hard to believe but it’s true,” he said.

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Brilliant lady shares experience with evil roommate

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian lady has surprised netizens on Twitter after sharing her experience with her roommate. Sharing her story via her official Twitter account @Lizie_Tule, she revealed how her academic life suddenly changed for the worse.

Lizzie who used to be an A student in school began to struggle to pass exams and remember everything she had read during exams. Her lecturers got bothered about the situation but she was unable to open up about her situation.

However, shortly afterwards, Lizie came in contact with a pastor who told her that her brain was leaking spiritually. The pastor revealed that her roommate was the problem and gave her an anointing oil to use at home. Not long after she heeded the pastor’s advice, her problem was solved and her roommate packed out of the house unprovoked.


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