Anya Uju’s employer Carnegie Mellon university distances self from ‘offensive’ post about Queen Elizabeth II

Carnegie Mellon University, the employer of Professor Anya Uju, has reacted to a tweet (now deleted) where she wished Queen Elizabeth II an “excruciating death”.

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In the institution’s statement posted on Thursday, September 8, it said that it does not support the “offensive and objectionable” post of the Nigerian professor.

We don’t support Anya Uju’s statement

It added that despite the fact that they support freedom of expression, Uju’s view on her personal Twitter account does not represent the university.

Read the statement below:

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Netizens take sides

Carnegie Mellon University’s statement generated even more reactions on social media with thousands of comments.

At the time of writing this report, the post had over 3000 quoted comments with thousands of likes.

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@OkparaSomto64 said:

“Pls, she’s right.”

@CarnegieMellon said:

“So what you are saying is that @CarnegieMellon as an institution is pro slavery and pro colonialism?”

@kusssman said:

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“This is not enough , You know what to do or I’ll be withdrawing my kids from that uni.”

@gh_gordon said:

“But if a white Professor at Carnegie had made similar comments about eg. Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King – he/she would be sacked. You know that.”

@fatchaz61 said:

“I’m afraid her position is untenable. She has offended people all over the globe. You have to ask her what she was hoping to achieve? It seems that she has done similar before and you have allowed her to do this.”

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