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‘Am ashamed of driving Honda fit’: Influencer Kelebogile Megano says after test driving borrowed Audi, Mercedes-Benz G-wagon



Influencer Kelebogile Megano who is notorious for being unable to contain her excitement says that she is ashamed of driving a Honda fit after she test drove a borrowed Audi and a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon.

“I remember driving a Honda Fit for the last 2 years and always being shy to be around the kids my age with nicer cars, even forced my parents to tint the windows for me just so I can get from point A to Point B with no one seeing me cos I was embarrassed by the car. 

Right now? I’m sitting in an ELECTRIC AUDI and I currently miss the discomfort of my Honda fit,” she took to social media.

The local entertainment industry doesn’t seem to be lucrative as most Celebrities drive average and cheap cars. Other public figures who drive or have driven Honda fit include Baxon, ATI, Jujuboy and others.

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