Am 21yrs old, I like Dating Men that are 50 – 60yrs – I need DELIVERANCE [video]

Wambui has revealed that only old men follows her from the age of 50 to 60 years.According to her she has never been approached by a young man.She thinks that there is a spirit following her and she needs deliverance.

Wambui was born and raised in Kinangop.while in secondary school old men from the village started approaching her promising to marry her as a second wife but she didn’t fall in their traps.After completing her secondary education she relocated to Nakuru to live with her sister

While there old men kept approaching her in the town and even in the church. She narrated an incident where an old man who was 60 years and above approached her after the church service .He requested her to accompany him for coffee but didn’t agree.

Her sister laughed at her and that’s when she realized that it was not normal. While in public transport only old men volunteers to pay for her bus fare.At work place she claims she has never been approached by a young man.Her dream is to tie knots with a young man.

She thinks that she has a problem which only can be solved through deliverance. She is requesting a genuine pastor to pray for her and deliver her from that spirit.

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