All women in my Village refuse to MARRY me because am dwarf, guess Who i marry?

Immanuel was born and raised in Congo and he had eight siblings. He was a dwarf together with two of his siblings. He was the first child in a family of eight children. His parents were farmers and his father was also a dwarf. His father was hardworking but due to his Large family he couldn’t afford to pay for his children’s education.

When we was seven years his parents separated and they were left under the custody of his father. He took care of them and Immanuel helped his father to provide for his siblings. Several years later his father died due to a short illness.

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He became the sole Breadwinner for their family. He decided to get married so that his wife could assist him in raising his siblings. However his search for a wife became difficult. All women on his village rejected him because he was a dwarf.

Many women and men in his village told him he will die with his condition and will not find a woman to marry. He gave up until one day when he went for work in a different village. He met a young lady where he was working and he fell inlove with her.

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“I gave up when I realized that all young girls didn’t want a relationship with me. ” Immanuel said.

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He aproached her and at first she was hesitant because she knew that her mother couldn’t allow him to get married to a dwarf. However after persuasion she agreed to date him. Several months later they decide to live as husband and wife.

At first his wife’s parents rejected him but when she gave birth to a normal child they accepted him. This motivated his younger brother to find a wife and luckily for him he never struggled to find a woman to marry.

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This eased the burden of taking care of his siblings because the two women helped him in taking care of the housework as he went for work. He claimed that they live together happily as a family.

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