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“All Because of TikTok”: Young Nigerian Boy Caught on Camera Showcasing Crazy Dance Moves on Road



"All Because of TikTok": Young Nigerian Boy Caught on Camera Showcasing Crazy Dance Moves on Road
  • A video capturing an unsuspecting TikToker’s energetic street performance has taken the internet by storm
  • Netizens couldn’t contain their laughter as they watched the hilarious footage making the rounds online
  • In their reactions, they took turns to throw subtle shades at the TikTok users who danced publicly on the road

A TikTok user, identified as @5dgenie_2, has shared a side-splitting video featuring another user dancing on the street.

The dancer was completely unaware that he was being filmed from behind by a shocked passer-by.

Man secretly captures TikTok content creator dancing on the roadMan secretly captures TikTok content creator
Photo credit: @5dgenie2/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Unaware TikTok dancer’s energetic street performance trends

The dancer’s uninhibited moves and passionate performance caught the attention of online viewers, turning him into an instant sensation.

The video quickly went viral, drawing an outpouring of laughter and amusement from netizens.

Viral video of TikTok dancer sparks laughter and amusement

In the comments section, viewers expressed their delight at the dancer’s display of enthusiasm and his obliviousness to being captured on camera.

The infectious energy and commitment to the dance routine added to the comedic appeal of the video.

@REXIE said:

“As you dey create content another person dey use you create content.”

@_cheng Lee said:

“Inside that your TikTok another TikTok dey inside.”

@UNIQUE KING reacted:

“This sound makes it seem like he is dancing to win jollof rice and beef.”

@ASABAS said:

“He no even sabi dance.”

@Factor reacted:

“Passer by come pass content creator WHY wicked world.”

@Lover boy said:

“This one nah ‘inside that your content another content dey inside.’”

Watch the video below:

Lady dances before short man on the road

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a short TikTok user with the handle @adejoe_ has captured the attention of viewers with his recent clip.

The clip posted on his official TikTok account showed two beautiful girls dancing for him on the road. In the clip, Joe was seen singing boldly while the girls showcased their dance moves around him. The video quickly gained traction and went viral sparking discussions and reactions among netizens.

The comments section of Joe’s TikTok video became a platform for netizens to express their opinions. Some viewers found the video adorable, appreciating the performance and the man’s cuteness. Others believed otherwise.


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