A Lady i picked on the road Locked me in Bathroom and…

A Nairobi man identified as Tony revealed he lost an Infinix phone worth KSh 15,000 to a woman he met on the road

The man said he invited the lady to his house the first day they met and after a fun-filled night; she stole from him

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Tony claimed the lady locked him in the bathroom while he was taking a shower and he was forced to break the door

Tony said luckily, he had hidden KSh 15,000 somewhere where in the house, and the lady didn’t see it.

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Tony disclosed he has been heartbroken twice by ladies, and now he is single and focusing on his business.

John Kioko – What did you expect from one night stander?.. Just one night.
Look for love in the right places…church, to mention a few.

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Gladys Mamboleo- U pick a lady from the road side what were expecting that she brings your breakfast in bed

Stecy Mbaabu – How do u take a total stranger kwako?? Thank God alikua binadamu sio mlawatu

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Vivian Knight – Look at the type of ladies this guys are dating Shually 🤣🤣🤣 you fall in love with thieves and term it as heartbreak nkt.

Kanyoni Ann – I think you deserved that and more worse…im sure you collected her in the club /streets and you have no way to trace her 😂😂

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Joy Kageni – You brought your bar too low, see the results,……next time respect your self!!!

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