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6 things THINGS women DO when they are alone in their Room – Some guys may not know



1 Trying out makeups and hairstyle

Left alone gives us a freedom to experiment with our looks, be it makeup or hairs. Applying everything random on face and trying different hairstyles keeps us busy the all day.And we probably end up looking like a disaster and then complain about the red spots appearing on the face. After all it’s fun spending time alone as there is no one to judge around.

2 Eat everything out of jars with your fingers

Eating with your fingers is something we all do when no one is around. It sounds nasty but the reality must be faced. We all love eating everything out of jars by fingers and not using a spoon instead. We leave no stones unturned to go dirty!

3 Cry along with our favorite movies and serials

Girls get emotional at times. No matter whether it is a reality or not, crying is something we all love to do without any reason.Watching some desi movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… and being in tears and wasting packets of tissues is not a big deal for us. Afterall there is no one to watch you around.

4 Stalk exes and old crushes online

The favourite time pass of all the girls when they are home alone is stalking their exes and crushes on social media.We are so unoccupied that we often go searching for their girlfriends and wives and get happy for their bad choices.

5 Go dirty

Going dirty on weekends is the most common thing seen with girls. We believe in save water campaign and promote it to major extend. Yes! No more showers for the next day. We can be more nasty than boys and complain about them for being so.

6 Smell our partners’ clothes

People, in general, are creepers when it comes to smells. We, as women, just go about it differently than men. If you’ve ever caught your partner taking a whiff of your hair, you may have thought it a little strange. Of course, you probably didn’t tell him that, once behind closed doors, you routinely sniff the shirt he accidentally left at your place

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